Bands: Calamity Jane


Early Jane promo shot w/new bass player Dave Dunkum.

Band officially formed: November 1992


  • Jan Mandryk - Vocals/Guitar
  • Big R - Guitar
  • Dave Dunkum - Bass
  • Jason - Drums - Nov. 1992 - Jan. 1993
  • Shawn Mitchell - Drums - Jan. - Apr. 1993


    During our "retooling" of Bessemer Rose, we decided to also change the band name. We fired the former bass player, and hired Dave, who was a really good choice. A great bass player and vocalist, he was a nice addition to the crew. We recorded a demo tape in Dec. 1992 with the new lineup. Mostly originals and a couple of covers.

    Jan was having problems with the current drummer not wanting to practice. He was an extremely talented jazz drummer, and felt that he didn't need to practice. Well, since these songs weren't just "pickup" tunes, that kind of attitude was not going to happen with us. So, he was also fired. We hired Shawn Mitchell, a drummer with the Army band. He was great, and filled the position nicely.

    Shawn Mitchell

    Shawn on the drums.
  • We were lining up a bunch of shows and practicing a lot with this new lineup. We had a gig at a huge "Fasching" party in February. It looked very promising. But, we only got one set in. Dave, for some reason, got REAL drunk. He couldn't play after that. We were all pretty pissed about that. There were a LOT of people there. It was in a beer tent for goodness sake! We had people screaming for us to get back out there. Wasn't happening unfortunately.

    Band at Fasching Party

    Backstage before the Fasching show.

    We put that behind us, and were working up some new tunes, including doing some Ozzy and other cool cover tunes. But, as fate would have it, I had to leave. The Army does that you know! So, by the time I left in March, the band was pretty much in hiatus. I know Jan and Dave were doing some acoustic stuff after that. Don't know how far they got with that however.

    Gearing Up

    Me gearing up for the Fasching party.
    Where are they now?

    Like Bessemer Rose, I have no idea where anyone from this lineup is. Maybe they will e-mail me and add some insight!

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