Bands: Bessemer Rose

Promo Shot

Promo Shot 1992

Band officially formed: January 1992


  • Jan Mandryk - Vocals/Guitar
  • Big R - Guitar
  • ? - Bass
  • Jason - Drums


    Was playing in the Jam Room next to the Barracks, when I heard a band that sounded OK. Problem was, they didn't have a lead guitar player. I volunteered my servies. Since they were "between" guitar players at the time, band leaader Jan jumped on the opportunity.

    The bulk of the set was made up of originals. Jan wrote some very well-crafted songs. Think Jewel, Indigo Girls, Shawn Colvin etc. It was fun trying to write guitar parts to enhance the songs that she wrote. I also suggested that we bring in some "heavier" stuff. So, we added a few classic rock tunes to round out the sets.

    Berlin Brigade Officer's Club

    Jamming on the "Hodge Podge" Strat, Berlin Brigade Officer's Club, Sept 1992.
  • We had a real kick-ass drummer, but the bass player was BARELY holding down the bottom end. He was in the band for a short time, but was fired when we hooked up with Dave. The band then did some retooling and came out swinging at the beginning of 1993 . . .
    Where are they now?

    I have no idea where anyone from this band ended up. Lost touch with everyone after I left Berlin. I have some reviews somewhere. I should be able to get the other members names from those.

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