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Here are some basic German tickets (without the art).

1992 Gary Moore

Gary Moore:

Berlin, Germany
Sept. 6, 1992

I have been a big Gary Moore fan since I first heard "Victims
of the Future"
in 1984. This show was AWESOME!
I saw him play so fast, yet I could disticntly (i.e. NO SLOP!)
hear each note he was playing! When he did a back and forth
jam with the keyboard player, Gary blew him away! That is the
only time I have seen a guitar player blow away a keyboard
player speed wise. My friends and I were still freaking
out for a week after this show!

Gary Moore does not get the recognition
in the U.S. that he deserves.

1992 Metallica


Berlin, Germany
Dec. 5, 1992

Metallica went overboard on this tour. They had a huge
stage. My neck hurt for three days from all of the
headbanging! It still wasn't loud enough!


1997 Santana


Seoul, Korea
Mar. 5, 1996

This concert was outside, and was a real good show. But, A lot
of people started dancing around in front of the stage. The
Korean police started moving in, trying to break up the melee.
Carlos stopped in the middle of a song, and told the police
to let the people dance and enjoy the music. The Korean
police backed off, and everyone had a great time.

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