Guitar Rigs: Twenty-plus years of gear

About these gear photos:
I guess you can tell I really like old Fender stuff. Once you get a signature tone, I guess things don't change a lot though. I have also stockpiled some vintage Marshalls too.

1998 Rig


Fender-mania! '69 Fender Super Reverb, '59 Fender Reissue Bassman, '61 Reissue Reverb Unit, '67 Echoplex plus a myriad of effects and Strats. I run both amps simultaneously with an A/B box. For more details on these effects and instruments, go to the bottom of the page for links.

2002 Rig


My latest rig incarnation: My '75 Olympic White Strat, '84 Frankenstein DT-155 Phil Collen Model, '59 Bassman reissue, '71 childhood "Blackfaced" Twin and my '67 EP-2 Echoplex. Amps are still run through an A/B box. This rig is nice & loud!

2004 Rig


One of the best Blues rigs ever. 2002 Vibro-King, 1966 unmodded Fender Strat, and the TS-808/TS-9 Combo.

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