1997 Smithsonian Guitar Exhibition: Gibson

These are some of the photos I took at the Smithsonian Institution
American History Museum Guitar Exhibit in 1997. Guitars courtesy
of the Chinery and John Sprung collections.


'40s ES-150
The great Charlie Christian made one of these his main squeeze.

Charlie Christian Pickup

'40s ES 150 (closeup)
This is the "Charlie Christian" pickup.

1958 Explorer

1958 Explorer
The "V" headstock denotes this as one of the first one's built.
The guitar buying public deemed these "too futuristic" for the
times, so the line was dropped after only two years. The result?
A good investment today!

1958 Flying V

1958 Flying V
This guitar was also dropped from the roles at Gibson. Flying V's
were repopularized by many players in the 60's and '70s, including
Michael Schenker, Lonnie Mack, Albert King and Jimi Hendrix (yeah,
he played one too!). This prompted Gibson to reintroduce the line
in full force.

1958 Flying V

1958 Flying V
Another awesome Gibson!

1958 Les Paul

1958 Les Paul (top), 1957 Les Paul Goldtop
The 1957 is not quite as desirable as the 1958/59/60 models
with that sweet "burst" finish..

1958 Les Paul

1958 Les Paul
One of the first Les Pauls built. Notice the lack
of flame on the cap.

1958 Les Paul Closeup

1958 closeup
Note the "flame" in the finish on this one. The higher
degree of "flame," the more desirable.

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