1997 Smithsonian Guitar Exhibition: Other Guitars

These are some of the photos I took while at the Smithsonian
Institution American History Museum Guitar Exhibit in 1997. Guitars
were courtesy of the Chinery and John Sprung Collections.

J D'Angelico

1957 John D'Angelico teardrop guitar
Note the exquisite detail in this one!.

Misc. Guitars

Other Examples
TOP: 1950's Fender Custom color Precision Bass.
MIDDLE: c. 1960 Fender Jazzmaster in Olympic White.
BOTTOM: 1957 Fender "Mary Kaye" Stratocaster
(see thru blonde finish w/gold parts).
CENTER: Doubleneck Bigsby made for Grady Martin.
RIGHT: Gibson ES-335 with Bigsby Vibrato.


Miscellaneous Gibson and Epiphone examples.

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