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The artwork really makes these fun to look at.

1992 Iron Maiden

This was the last tour with Bruce Dickinson (before they reunited in 1998!) The show was not promoted very well, but it was KILLER!!!

1992 Joe Satriani

Joe played real well on this night. I don't think it was loud enough!

1992 Dire Straits


1992 Dire Straits


This concert was held at the Waldbuehne. The rain came. And came. And came. The song Brothers in Arms was so awesome with all of the thunder, rain and lightning. It was so wet most people started taking their clothes off. Very much like a miniature Woodstock.

1992 Eric Clapton

This concert was kind of sad. Eric was there, but it was like he wasn't. This was the tour he did right after his son Conor died. I was in the front row, when I looked into his eyes, it was like he was somewhere else. It was still fun though. Clapton did really jam well, and Nathan East was mugging me the whole show! I was the only crazy American flailing about in a flourescent orange shirt!

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